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29/10/2014| Joint OECD-DAC and Trade Union Forum on Development


23/05/2014| Towards Sustainable Jobs: Outcomes and Action Points of the ITUC Congress 2014

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07/05/2014| TUAC EVALUATION OF THE OECD MCM: Inequality dangers recognised – but policies don’t change

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07/05/2014| Day 2 of the OECD Week: New Economic Outlook features Old Recommendations

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30/04/2014| Trade Union Leaders Attending OECD Forum and Ministerial Council to Press for Action on Job creation and Reducing Income Inequality

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03/10/2013| Towards a Post 2015 Sustainable Development Framework

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12/04/2013| TUAC calls for action on worsening jobs crisis at consultations to prepare the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting

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22/06/2011| Time for a Robin Hood Tax activists tell Europe: global day of action in 35 countries

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14/09/2010| Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: fundamental shift in the policy approach needed, say trade unions


29/04/2009| Gender, Development and Decent Work: Building a Common Agenda

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06/04/2009| TUAC and OECD Seminar on Gender, Development and Decent Work


28/05/2008| Union Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Jobs, Inequality and Food Crisis in Advance of the OECD Finance Ministers’ Meeting

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09/01/2008| The brain drain is a serious problem for many developing countries

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08/06/2007| Union leaders welcome G8 support for ILO decent work agenda but say that leaders are off track on their commitments for aid to Africa

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A propos du TUAC

La Commission Syndicale Consultative auprès de l'OCDE (TUAC) est l'interface entre syndicats de salariés et l'OCDE. C'est une organisation syndicale internationale bénéficiant du statut consultatif auprès de l'OCDE et de ses divers comités.

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