The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: TUAC Submission to the Fifteenth Meeting of the National Contact Points



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The TUAC ubmission made to Fifteenth Meeting of the National Contact Points (NCPs) covered the following: 


-   Section 2: Application of the OECD Guidelines to Textile and Garment Industry;  

-   Section 3: The Proactive Agenda;

-   Section 4: Horizontal Thematic Peer Learning;   

-   Section 5: Voluntary Peer Review of Norway;   

-   Section 6: Peer Review;

-   Section 7: Work-plan to Improve NCP Performance and Promote Functional Equivalence;

-   Section 8: Meetings of National Contact Points;

-   Section 9: Common Framework for Reporting;     

    Section 10: Promoting the Guidelines;  

-   Section 11: Outreach Activities;

-   Section 12: Translations of the Guidelines;   

-   Section 13: Funding Requirements;

-   Section 14 TUAC Activities.


TUAC made two additional submissions to the NCP meeting on: Compensating the Victims of Rana Plaza and Implementing the OECD Guidelines in Qatar.