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Global crisis: list of trade union statements and press releases
Updated list of weblinks to trade union statements, press releases and other written crontributions published following the deepening of the financial crisis in September 2008


This page is not updated on a regular basis.

For latest news, please browse the ITUC webpage on the global financial crisis:

More TUAC Statements:


More ITUC statements:


More GUF statements:


More ETUC & ETUI statements:


More ACTU statements:



More statements by Belgian trade unions



More CLC & CSN statements:



More statements by Danish trade unions:


More statements by Finnish trade unions:


More French trade union statements:




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More Dutch trade union statements:


More NZCTU statements:


More statements by Norvegian trade unions:


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More statements by Norvegian trade unions:




More TUC statements:


More AFL-CIO statements: