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21/09/2017| Trade Union Statement to the G7 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting

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06/12/2016| PISA, strong on equity, but weak on positive teacher policy


07/07/2016| ITUC Economic Briefing


13/11/2015| CWC Investor Brief on Tax Evasion and Avoidance


01/10/2015| L20 Submission to the G20 Investment and Infrastructure Working Group, 20-21 August 2015

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09/09/2015| ITUC/TUAC Evaluation of the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers' Declaration, the joint Labour and Employment and Finance Ministers' meeting and the Communiqué of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting


30/04/2015| Business Accountability FOR Development: ITUC-TUDCN/EURODAD publication


10/11/2014| Global Union Call for Action for Pension Fund Responsible Tax Practices

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15/09/2014| L20 Submission to the G20 Investment and Infrastructure Working Group

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09/04/2014| ILO recognises that labour reforms in Spain violated the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining


20/02/2014| Unions call on G20 Finance Ministers to take urgent action on jobs

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13/02/2014| Timeline of G20 and L20 meetings for 2014

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18/12/2012| Exiting from the crisis: towards a model of more equitable and sustainable growth - Edited by David Coats


03/11/2010| ETUC "Austerity Watch" - October 2010 issue

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10/03/2010| After the crisis: towards a sustainable growth model

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