OECD 2007 Survey of Investment Regulations of Pension Funds
Survey of quantitative restrictions and risk management regulation of pension fund investment policies across the OECD, some accession countries and other key emerging economies.


The survey covers all 30 member states, as well as the five candidate countries for accession (Chile, Estonia, Israel, Russia & Slovenia), South Africa, Colombia, India, and Brazil. A final version should be released in July 2008. The document is posted on the OECD website at url:

Preliminary findings include:

  • continuing pace in reforms aiming at removing - or reducing - quantitative restrictions by asset classes (Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Chile, Spain) ;
  • in a few cases new restrictions have been introduced to reduce pension funds' exposure to un-regulated funds and products, such as private equity, hedge funds, and derivatives (Austria, Spain) ;
  • some countries have taken measures to increase the number of portfolio risk options of personal DC pension schemes (Hungary, Mexico & Chile) .