TUAC comments on the concept of Rule of Law
Written contribution to the OECD Public Governance Committee regarding a draft OECD discussion paper on “Rule of Law and Good Public Governance”.



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TUAC submits the following written comments on the draft discussion paper “Rule of Law and Good Public Governance: Exploratory Discussion” (GOV/PGC(2011)18) which appeared under item 10 of the 44th Session of the Public Governance Committee (PGC), 8-9 November 2011, OECD Conference Centre (hereafter “the paper”).

The concept of rule of law (RoL) is crucial for trade unions and for an obvious reason. RoL is a decisive element in the fulfillment and enforceability of rights, and of rights at work in particular. Without RoL, there can be no protection of citizens’ rights, including the fundamental rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining as outlined in the ILO Conventions n°87 & 98. Accordingly the TUAC is attentive to the issue at the OECD, notably in the work programme of the PGC and its sister Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). A year ago the TUAC expressed concern at the way the concept of RoL was treated in the draft report “Regulatory Policy and the Road to Sustainable Growth” (GOV/RPC(2010)16) of the RPC. The RPC report, TUAC wrote at the time, “portrays a partial understanding that is biased in favour free-market liberalism”.


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