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Calling for a coordinated and ambitious G20 agenda for quality job creation and inclusive growth
L20 at the G20 Employment Task Force Meeting


  • L20 ETF Note_April 2014pdf

Paris, 10 April 2014

The G20 Employment Task Force is set to meet on April 10-11 in Paris to discuss its next steps leading up to the Leaders Summit in November. The Labour20 has submitted a Discussion Note (see download bar) and will participate in one consultation session together with the B20. The note reiterates previous calls for a more ambitious agenda and coordinated policies with the G20 Finance Ministers, including a joint Ministerial in the lead up to Brisbane. Both requires:

  • Integration of policy: coherent coordinated policy packages (macro, financial, labour market) which require a joint Labour-Finance ministerial;
  • Investment: more productive private sector investment will need to be underpinned by pro-growth macro policies and desperately needed increases in public infrastructure spending;
  • Inequality reduction: rising inequality is bad for growth – we need strong wage floors and strengthened collective bargaining to stop the slide in the labour share;
  • Inclusion through Active Labour Market Policies: strengthened worker rights to formalize informality; youth guarantees; better childcare to facilitate women's participation in the workforce; dialogue with social partners; improved worker safety; and the implementation of Social Protection Floors.