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New TALIS Survey is out: Much remains to be done to improve the professional development of teachers


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The Teaching and Learning International Survey results for 2013 – or short TALIS – have just been published today. Some of the findings provide good news:
  • the survey data indicate that on average, nine of ten teachers are satisfied with their jobs and 70-92% of teachers are confident in their abilities in the areas measured;
  • across countries challenging classroom circumstances play a large role as a determinant of teachers’ job satisfaction;
  • teachers who report that they are provided with opportunities to participate in decision making at school level have higher reported levels of job satisfaction in all TALIS countries and higher feelings of self-efficacy in most countries.
Some findings, however, show that there is room for improvement:
  • less than a third of all teachers across TALIS countries believe that teaching is a valued profession in society;
  • many teachers feel that the appraisals they receive lead to positive changes in their work. More than six in ten teachers report that appraisals lead to positive changes in their teaching practices, and more than half report that appraisals lead to positive changes in both their use of student assessments and their classroom-management practices;
  • 44% of teachers work in schools, where the school principal reports that formal teacher appraisal never results in a change in a teacher’s likelihood of career advancement;
  • although an average of 88% of teachers in lower secondary education report engaging in professional development in the past year, much remains to be done in order to improve teacher’s continuous professional development.
The summary of the TALIS Results in English and French is posted on the right for download.

More and detailed information on the findings of the TALIS survey, including a detailed power point presentation, is available at the OECD website at

Detailed country notes regarding the findings of TALIS are available at