Long Term Investment & Accountability of the Investment Chain - What the OECD should do
TUAC issues paper



Following the 2008 financial crisis and the G20 policy agenda that has unfolded, the OECD has implemented a number of initiatives that relate to long-term investment and/or to investment chain issues.

The OECD work on long-term investment (LTI) is based on the assumption of a growing gap between future infrastructure needs and traditional sources of funding: public procurement (because of the austerity measures) and bank loans (because of the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis). Accordingly, institutional investors must step in and diversify their portfolios toward greater exposure to infrastructure (bonds, private funds and direct investment). There surely is room for improvement. According to the latest OECD survey of large pension funds, unlisted infrastructure (i.e. private infrastructure funds and direct investment) accounts for just 1% of total assets. ...

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