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07/07/2016| Other trade unions papers | ITUC Economic Briefing


18/02/2016| TUAC Papers | Trade Union Statement to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting


15/11/2015| OECD Documents | OECD Economic Outlook No 98: With stagnant global growth and trade OECD calls for collective public investment stimulus


09/02/2015| TUAC Papers | L20 Priority Recommendations to the G20 Finance Ministers, February 2015

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15/04/2009| Other trade unions papers | Global crisis: list of trade union statements and press releases

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24/03/2009| TUAC Papers | Global Unions London Declaration - Statement to the London G20 Summit

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18/11/2008| TUAC Papers | Joint TUAC / ITUC Evaluation of the G20 Summit Crisis on Financial Markets

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05/11/2008| TUAC Papers | The Global Unions "Washington Declaration"

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09/06/2008| TUAC Papers | Outcome of the Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level, 4-5 June 2008


20/05/2008| TUAC Papers | Trade Union Statement to the OECD Ministerial Council "Outreach, Reform and the Economics of climate Change" - 4-5 June 2008

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25/01/2008| Other trade unions papers | Davos 2008: Creating Decent Jobs - Re-regulating Financial Markets

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13/12/2007| TUAC Papers | Sovereign Wealth Funds: TUAC's recommendations to the OECD


19/11/2007| TUAC Papers | TUAC Statement on the Economic Situation

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25/01/2007| Other trade unions papers | Davos 2007: Labour and the Shifting Power Equation

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