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TUAC in solidarity with Wisconsin workers


The Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC) stands in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers, our affiliate the AFL-CIO and all those in other states facing legislation being put forth by lawmakers to curtail workers rights and eliminate collective bargaining rights for public sector unions and condemns these efforts.

The legislation is being pitched as a necessary measure to combat budget deficits in many states, but is in reality an attack on workers rights which in effect undermines the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work—a set of core labour standards which establish fundamental principles that protect basic human rights in the workforce. 

However, in what could be a watershed moment for the Wisconsin protesters opposing the proposed bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights, Wisconsin Police refused orders from government authorities to remove the protesters and in an extraordinary display of solidarity, joined the protests instead. What is particularly remarkable about the decision by the police officers union to join the protests is that they were actually among the few public sector workers, along with firefighters and emergency medical workers, spared from this legislation. 

After nearly two weeks of protests the movement shows no signs of waning, with reports suggesting that these are the largest public demonstrations in the United States since the Vietnam War.  News coverage of the events has been suspiciously low, as is the fact that similar legislation is being put forward by Republican lawmakers in several other states.