Unions and Skills
TUAC discussion paper on OECD strategies for skills, Jobs and the Digital Economy



  • 2016_TUAC Paper on Trade Unions & Skillspdf

This discussion paper describes the ways in which trade unions support skills. Union support for Apprenticeships is well known but is only one aspect of a wide range of important union activities which play a vital role in extending and strengthening VET in the workplace and beyond. Some of the examples of Union involvement in skills and VET in the paper are from Unionlearn in the UK, together with other country examples from around the world. It is clear from the evidence presented here that trade union work on skills is wide-ranging, widespread, well established and a major force for the development of competencies. The purpose of the paper is to make the case to the OECD for much greater recognition of, and support for, the Union role on Skills, Jobs and Working relations; particularly in the context of the Digital Economy and the broader digitalization of economies.