Updated Figures on Impunity in Colombia
Submission to the OECD Public Governance Committee



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Key messages:

  • The level of violence against trade unionists did not decrease in 2016.
  • The PGC should be concerned by the effectiveness of the judiciary system in Colombia. The Committee should form a judgment based on facts and figures, not based on political announcements and commitments.
  • The figures provided in this submission clearly show that there is no improvement in the judicial treatment of cases. High levels of impunity persist for the killing of and for violence against trade unionists as well as for violation of labour rights;
  • Accordingly, the TUAC recommends that the PGC does not agree on a formal opinion at this stage and does not endorse any such formal opinion at the upcoming 55th Session.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Violence against trade unionists
  • Impunity for assassination of trade unionists
  • Impunity for other forms of violence against trade unionists
  • Impunity for violation of trade union rights and collective bargaining
  • Protection for trade unionists under threat of violence
  • Recommendation to the PGC