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13/11/2014| Better late than never: the OECD takes measures to facilitate developing countries’ participation in the G20 BEPS Action Plan on tax avoidance


13/11/2014| Strong G20 Safer Workplaces Agreement essential to fight massive human losses due to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions

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12/11/2014| L20 Tracking Report: Half of G20 policies rated as ineffective


10/11/2014| Unions Push for Tax Responsibility in Pension Funds

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07/11/2014| L20 Summit Programme 2014


06/11/2014| L20 - B20 Letter to the G20 Presidency 2014


29/10/2014| Joint OECD-DAC and Trade Union Forum on Development


17/10/2014| Outcomes of the TUAC Discussions on Economic Policy

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06/10/2014| World Day of Decent Work: Understanding the employment dimension of environmental policies

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02/10/2014| How was Life? Global Well-Being Since 1820

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01/10/2014| Compensating the Victims of Rana Plaza: How to Resolve the Funding Crisis?

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26/09/2014| Unions press calls for action on jobs, wage inequality and tax at G20 Finance Ministers’ meeting - Cairns, 20-21 September 2014

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16/09/2014| OECD Reports on Tax Avoidance: Encouraging Progress, but More Needs to be Done

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11/09/2014| Wage led growth exposes fault-lines in G20

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09/09/2014| OECD’s Education at a Glance shows how crisis effects spread into our education systems: Unions should be part of the solution to make lifelong learning a reality for all

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The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD is an interface for labour unions with the OECD. It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees.

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